Cavlert Journal article

The Calvert Journal interviews Freddy Bruckstein about his father's work and the English publicaiton of The Trap

Surviving the Holocaust and escaping communist Romania, Ludovic Bruckstein continued to rebuild his life by writing short stories inspired by the people he met. After three decades, his novellas have finally been published in English. Here, his son reflects on his father’s courage and compassion.

17 October 2019

Text: Paula Erizanu

“I am here to recover my father’s soul,” says Freddy Bruckstein, the first English translation of his father’s work in his hands. We are at the book launch of The Trap, a pair of novellas by Ludovic Bruckstein, first published in Romanian in 1989 — a year after the writer’s death.

The first novella loosely echoes the author’s experience of the Holocaust, as well as his disenchantment with communism.

“My father belongs to a generation that, as [the Nobel prize-winning Polish writer] Czeslaw Milosz described so accurately, cannot ‘summarise in a few words the story of their existence,’” says Freddy. “‘Their lives have been complicated by the course of history’”.

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