Contemporary Croatian Literature in English Translation

Relations Magazine, Edition 3-4/2012

Editor: Roman Simić Bodrožić, Publisher: Croatian Writer's Society

117 pages, paperback magazine format

ISBN ISSN: 1334-6768

Price: 15 Euro

Contemporary Croatian Literature in English Translation: A special edition of Relations published to co-incide with the this year's presence at the London Book Fair , this provides the perfect over-view for English publishers and readers, with stories from a wide selection of the country's best writers, as well as interviews with their publishers.


ADRIANA PITEŠA: Introduction

            ISTROS BOOKS

SUSAN CURTIS: Interview; MARINKO KOŠČEC: A Handful of Sand; ROBERT PERIŠIĆ: Our Man in Iraq; MATKO SRŠEN: Odohohol and Lupe Mangupe


SEID SERDAREVIĆ: Interview; GORAN FERČEC: There Would Not Be Any Miracles Here; IVANA ŠOJAT-KUČI: Unterstadt IGOR ŠTIKS: Elijah's Chair


IVAN SRŠEN: Interview; IVICA ĐIKIĆ: Circus Columbia; STELA JELINČIĆ: A Weed is Just a Plant Growing in the Wrong Place; DAMIR KARAKAŠ: Perfect Place for Misery;


RUSSELL SCOTT VALENTINO: Interview; ZORAN FERIĆ: The Death of the Little Match Girl; SLOBODAN NOVAK: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh


MAJA HRGOVIĆ: Back in Five Minutes; ENVER KRIVAC: The First Supper; MIROSLAV MIĆANOVIĆ: Bulgakov's Black Dog; ZORAN PILIĆ: Babe, You're No Longer Here; IVICA PRTENJAČA: A Memory of a Dream; IVANA SIMIĆ BODROŽIĆ: Fairy Hair; NEVEN UŠUMOVIĆ: Chikungunya