The Great War book tour 2014

Aleksandar Gatalica files in from Belgrade on November 9th for 4 UK events

Sir Hew Strachan and the Serbian author Aleksandar Gatalica discuss World War One and its legacy in the Balkans

Conference Centre, The British Library
Mon 10 Nov 2014, 18:30
Entrance Free

This event brings together a historian and a writer for a discussion on varying historical and political perspectives of this ‘war to end all wars’.

It is true to say that almost everybody knows some basic facts about World War One: that it was ignited by the assassination of an Austrian Archduke in a distant corner of the Balkans; that it was the first conflict to use industrial weaponry; that it cost the lives of millions of ground troops that gave their lives on the Western Front; and, ironically, that it produced some of the best English poetry of the early 20th century.

Less known is the story behind that infamous assassination in Sarajevo or the lives of those who lived in that far-flung corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even the fact that the war was also fought on an Eastern Front that encompassed at its greatest extent the entire frontier between the Russian Empire and Romania on one side and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bulgaria and Germany on the other, is something often overlooked in ‘our’ version of events. The narrative of World War One is most often told from the perspective of the winners, and the heroes confined to the western sides.

Join the British historian Sir Hew Strachan and the Serbian author Aleksandar Gatalica to find out more about World War One and its legacy in the Balkans.

Tuesday 11th November:

Lunchtime book presentation at the European Bank of Reconstruction & Development, Lodon

18:30 - Talk at the Serbian Embassy, 28 Belgrave Square, London

Wednesday 12th November:

Slavic Deparment, University of Nottingham.