International Dublin Literary Award

Istros has three titles on the 2017 longlist!


This yeaar's longlist for the International Dublin Literary Award includes 43 titles in translation, inlcuding three of our very own:

Yugolsavia, My Fatherland by Goran Vojnovic:

Seventeen years after the end of the Yugoslav wars, a son finds out that his father is still alive, wanted for war crimes. The story that then unfolds encompasses both the political and the personal, as the tragic fate of a family and a nation run in parallel.

Previous reviews: A gripping narrative that requires no allegorical decipherment - Mark Thompson, Times Literary Supplement
...profound and important - Eileen Battersby, The Irish Times

Dry Season by Gabriela Babnik:

An unusual love affair and two unreliable narrators make up the story of this remarkable novel. Sixty-two-year-old Anna from Slovenia falls in love with a man less than half her age, as the dry season comes to Burkina Faso. WINNER OF THE EU PRIZE FOR LITERATURE

Till Kingdom Come by Andrej Nikolaidis:

A misanthropic reporter chases the most important story of his life: the uncovering of his mother's true identity. Nikolaidis - one of Montengro's most contentious authors - is in fine form uncovering dark secrets while exposing endemic corruption.