Madhouse UK launch

Ayfer Tunç coming to London to launch her new novel

This coming March, we welcome one of Turkey's most respected authors for the UK launch of The Highly Unreliable Account of the History of a Madhouse

". . . a terrific satirical take on the tackiness of modern Turkey -- all cheap marble cladding and television soap operas. In fact the novel proceeds a bit like one of these soap operas . . . although there are sudden swoops into serious territory. . . the syntax is quite stately, literary, and orotund, with noun clauses hanging like bunches of grapes, as in Turkish itself."  John Hodgson, writer and translator

Ayfer Tunç in conversation with Lawrence Sherwin
Thursday 12th March, 7pm
Yunus Emre Institute
10 Maple St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 5HA