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Read the work of Daša Drndić

Words of praise for the author:

"Drndić’s formidable intelligence and Homeric intention cannot help but thrill and exalt." —The Paris Review Daily

"Wry and kindly, funny, angry, informed and intent on the truth, no voice is quite as blisteringly beautiful as that of Drndic."—Financial Times

“. . . Drndić brought her characters to their ends, "in a world in its death throes". Her incisive skill and radical style render potentially grim reading compulsive. She was a voice of - and for - our times." —Times Literary Supplement

"This writer does not tell stories; she had flagrant contempt for them — those cozy bourgeois tchotchkes that belonged to a safer time, when retreat from the political was permissible. Her books are contraptions intended to produce a series of psychological and somatic responses in her readers.” —New York Times

Daša Drndić (1946-2018) wrote Trieste—”splendid, absorbing” (The New York Times)—shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, and Belladonna—”one of the strangest and strongest books” (TLS)— winner of the 2018 Warwick Prize, and EEG–”a masterpiece” (Joshua Cohen). She also wrote plays, criticism, radio plays, and documentaries. Her Doppelganger (Istros Books, 2018) was shortlisted for the Republic of Consciousness Prize 2019.