''...everything revolves within us in the heat which unceasingly pushes back the borders of the possible, the air itself is pure fire, and we laugh in its face, rub body against body until the last bridges are burnt, and with them the very idea of returning to humanity....''

A Handful of Sand is a love story and an ode to lost opportunity. Written as a duet for two narrators, we hear both the male and the female voices trying to tell us their stories. As each of them looks back on the span of his lives, they offer us the sum of their histories in anticipation of the exquisite moment when they finally meet.

This is a beautifully written exploration of the roots of love and the anatomy of loss. As two lovers struggle to weave a fabric between them which is durable beyond the volatility of sex and romantic intoxication, we remain acutely aware that the precious opportunity for them to be together can so easily pass through their hands like sand through their fingers.