Nick Lezard reviews Eliade

Diary of a Short-Sighted Adolescent - the Romanian Adrian Mole

Nick Lezard has reviews DIARY OF A SHORT-SIGHTED ADOLESCENT in The Guardian:

"The plangently self-pitying teenager is a comic creation we are very familiar with: so now I ask you to imagine an Adrian Mole from 1920s Romania, more literate, more ridiculous, more histrionic and yet more self-aware; funnier, in short – yet written by someone who is the same age (17) as his protagonist."

"...my word, it is plausible. The smooth translation by Christopher Moncrieff helps, too. Eliade may be describing the life of a student in a Romanian lycée of almost a century ago, but anyone who has ever been at school, full of ideals but also too shy to speak to the opposite sex, or incapable of revising for an exam until the very last minute, will relate to this. As will anyone who has ever committed their private thoughts to paper, as the true record of their soul and a rebuke to posterity.''

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