Hedgehog's Home - the opera


Listen to the show LIVE at the Conway Hall this November!



Hedgehog’s Home is a delightful tale of a brave Hedgehog and the love he has for his home. Its theme is thus universal, and its appeal comes through the strong characterisation of the animals involved and the superbly constructed rhyming poem through which is told in thirteen verses. The natural rhythm of the narrative and the music of the rhyme are therefore perfectly suited to musical adaptation.

It is has been set to music by the highly talented composer, song-writer and musician, Emily Leather, in cooperation with the soprano singer and Creative Director, Elinor Moran.  The opera was perfromed three times in November 2012 - two previews and the premiere on Sunday, 11th November, which you can listen to here.

The stars of the show were:

Dario Dugandzic as Hedgemond the Hunter

Christina Gill as Miss Fox

Nicola Wydenback as the teacher

The Wolf, the Bear and the Wild Boar were played by the children of Year 5, Fitzjohn's Primary School