The TLS reviews The Trap

Bruckstein's work recieves attention in the UK media

"How had things come to this?” Ludovic Bruckstein’s question, referring to the horrors of war, is central to both of the novellas that comprise this book, each translated into English for the first time. The setting of The Trap (1988) is a small town in Transylvania where echoes of the imperial past mingle with the rumble of the advancing Second World War. Until recently, it was a place where German lawyers picnicked with their Jewish neighbours, while Romanian peasants living in the nearby mountains gave shelter to anyone in need. When the Jews are ordered to put the yellow star on their clothes, some are indignant, while others wear it with pride. Ernst Blumenthal, an architecture student, thinks the new law “not only insulting, but also stupid” as everyone here knows everyone anyway. The whole town is a prison, he realizes, and tomorrow “every person would be a prison unto himself”.


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