Children's Opera

 Hedgehog’s Home is a children's story about caring for the place you call home. Told through the universal language of music and poetry, this seemingly simple story holds an enduring and important message that we would all do well  to remember.

The musical adaptation of this classic tale was commissioned by Istros Books in 2012, and the premiere of the opera version of Hedgehog's Home was premiered at the Conway Hall, with original music by Emily Leather. Read a rave review of the show by John Bird of The Big Issue: The Hedgehog who brought the House Down

"Hopefully Hedgehog’s Home will find a place in the repertoire of children’s and school theatre. The enthusiasm and drive of the pupils taking part and the highly committed audience were a feast to behold. For here was a vast operation involving professionals and amateurs, musicians, stage designers, with actors mixed in, widening the children’s chances of gaining new creative skills."

John Bird

Istros Books thenjoined forces with Honey-tongued Theatre Productions and the opera was reworked as the first children's musical production of Honeybear Youth Theatre. You can find out more about this production on the specially dedicated website, along with some audio files of the music and pictures to colour in at Hedgehog’s Home – the Musical