Hedgehog Opera

Hedgehog’s Home is a delightful tale of a brave Hedgehog and the love he has for his home. Its theme is thus universal, and its appeal comes through the strong characterisation of the animals involved and the superbly constructed rhyming poem through which is told in thirteen verses. The natural rhythm of the narrative and the music of the rhyme are therefore perfectly suited to musical adaptation.
It is being adapted to music by the highly talented composer, song-writer and musician, Emily Leather, in cooperation with the Creative Director, Elinor Moran The project would be intended for children of Year 5 (aged 10), and would involve the whole class in a number of sessions during the autumn term 2012. It is envisaged that members of the production team would come in to the school and present the idea to the class and work with the music teacher on the songs for the show. Children would therefore be able to take part in singing and percussion accompaniment to the professional musicians and singers on the stage. There would also be scope for the children to be involved in stage and costume design, with the input of the Creative Director.
It is hoped that this project will be a creative work which, once written and produced, can be taken up by schools, children’s groups and amateur operatic societies and reproduced. It will add to the cannon of children’s opera a story about the importance of caring for one’s home and environment and for standing up for one’s beliefs and defending what one holds dear. Told through the universal language of music and poetry, this seemingly simple story from a far-away country actually holds an enduring and important message that we would all do well to remember.
The chosen venue for this production would be the Conway Hall in Holborn - a local landmark and a centre of culture, with local schools within the area being invited to take part in this outreach project.

The previews and premiere of the opera was performed to resounding success on Friday 9th November and Sunday 11th November 2012 at the Conway Hall, London.