Dogs and Others

Dogs & Others

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Author: Biljana Jovanović

Translated by John K. Cox

The protagonist in Dogs and Others is the first openly lesbian character in modern Serbian literature, but she is also so much more than that, as she encapsulates the zeitgeist of her generation. Coming of age in 1970s Belgrade, then the capital city of thriving, socialist Yugoslavia, we follow Lida and the bohemian life she leads, made more complicated by the trials and tribulations of her eccentric family. The whole novel breathes with a raw sensibility so aptly captured in the voice of the heroine — a striking, rebellious, overtly feminist and somewhat neurotic young woman.

"While Dogs and Others is widely hailed as the first recorded sexual relationship between two women in Serbian literature, it may also be a pioneer in its time and country in the way it depicts mental health issues and their implications for prevailing views on gender differences."

Hannah Weber, Words Without Borders

"... the entire book is refracted through Lidia's hopeful, damaged personality, and as a portrait of stifled energies, and of old, patriarchal customs persisting in the supposedly equal new society, it's forceful, foul-mouthed and memorably aggressive."

Alex Johnston, The List

Praise for Biljana Jovanović:

“Biljana Jovanović came into the Serbian literary scene as a new phenomenon. . Such girls in literature bring with them spite, devastating erotica, a new language, and new rules, especially when the old rules break down painfully…” 
Svetlana Slapšak, author and professor

“. . . a rich amalgam of unvarnished bohemian life in socialist Belgrade, narrative experimentation, a sensitive but provocative depiction of family life in the shadow of old age, disability, and ‘madness’. . . WORDS without BORDERS

“In her novel Dogs & Others, Biljana Jovanović went a step further in breaking down all taboos regarding women’s sexuality in Serbian literature.”
LOM (Serbian publisher)


ISBN: 978-1-912545-16-2