The Harvest of Chronos

Harvest of Chronos

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Winner of the 2017 Prešeren Award,  the highest decoration in the field of artistic creation in Slovenia

An epic, homourous and quite unique historical novel which looks at Central Europe in the 16th century – a territory plagued by ceaseless battles for supremacy between the Protestant political elite and the ruling Catholic Habsburg Monarchy, as well as the ongoing battle between the sexes. In Kumerdej's wonderful saga, history and fiction intertwine in wavelike fashion, producing a colourful portrait of the Renaissance; permeated by humanist attempts to resurrect antiquity through art, new scientific findings, and spirited philosophical and theological debates.

"...this is a novel where centuries collide and collapse into each other, and behind the veil of the past we see our own century flickering, but whether as hope, doom, or simply illusion, it is impossible to say."

– From the foreword by Rawley Grau