Mission London

Mission London

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Mission London website: a site dedicted to readers of the book, with clips of the film, pointers for reading

Winner of the PEN TRANSLATES! Award

The new Bulgarian ambassador to London is determined to satisfy the whims of his bosses at all costs. Putting himself at the mercy of a shady PR-agency, he is promised direct access to the very highest social circles. Meanwhile, on the lower levels of the embassy, things are not as they should be. With criminal gangs operating in the kitchens, police on the trail of missing ducks from Richmond Park and a sexy Princess Diana impersonator employed as the cleaner, how is an ambassador supposed to do his job?

Combining the themes of corruption, confusion and outright incompetence, Popov masterly brings together the multiple plot lines in a sumptuous carnival of frenzy and futile vanity, allowing the illusions and delusions of the post-communist society to be reflected in their glorious absurdity!

''If you like the greats of British Political satire television you will love this book...''

Review, Stu Allen, Winston's Dad literary blog

Already adapted into a film staring Alan Ford (Snatch; Exorcist: The Beginning) and Ralph Brown (Jack the Giant Slayer; Alien 3) just released in the UK

“A big European novel… his humour is the weapon of a merciless social critic, such as we have seen in the works of Jaroslav Hashec and Ilf and Petrov…”
Miljenko Jergović

"Leading publisher of literature in translation, Istros Books [have released] the book in a crisp and energetic English language version...an enjoyable and fast-paced read."

Marcus Agar, Wild Rooster