The Olcinium Trilogy

The Olcinium Trilogy

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Translated by Will Firth

The Olcinium Trilogy brings together three of Nikolaidis’ short novels: The Son, The Coming and Till Kingdom Come, which together encompass an apocalyptic vision of this ancient town; where mystics have prophesized, regimes plotted against their citizenry and ordinary people resorted to crime and deceit in order to survive. Like his literary hero, Thomas Bernhard, Nikolaidis’ prose is precise and bitingly funny and his protagonists are hopeless misanthropes: from the local sleuth who sacrifices truth for the sake of telling his clients the stories they want to hear to the local reporter who discovers that his own past was concocted by Yugoslav secret services and enters a state of time-travelling paranoia.

Translated by Will Firth

Praise for Andrej Nikolaidis:

“... a compulsively readable mixture of humour and dark fate, Nikolaidis bitterly explodes all Balkan post-Communist myths.”

Slavoj Žižek, Philosopher and author of The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

''...makes Samuel Beckett look positively cheery; yet the relentless pessimism has an oddly invigorating effect.''

Five Star Review. The Independent

"Nikolaidis has dissected post-Yugoslavia Montenegro in a way that may be grim, cynical and bitter, but also in a way that does not hold back at all. There is no prettying up and little redemption. The only question is not if the Apocalypse is going to come – whether caused by conspiracy, corruption, spatio-temporal lapses, climate change or just a general collapse into drug and alcohol abuse – but when it is going to come. For Nikolaidis, it would appear, this might not be a bad thing."

The Modern Novel


ISBN: 978-1-912545-99-5