A Swarm of Dust

A Swarm of Dust

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Author: Evald Flisar

Translated by David Limon

Nominated for Kresnik Award 2018  (the Slovenian "Booker")

Born into a Roma family in 1960s' Yugoslavia, Janek Hudorovec has grown up with a terrible secret. Given the opportunity to 'make something of himself', he abandons the familiar wild and tactile world of nature and enters the controlled, rational life of university and the city. Here Janek proves himself to be not a conscious rebel but a spontaneous one; under the influences of  impulses he cannot control. While his teachers try to understand and categorize him, it is only his fellow student, Daria, who seems able to provide a rational insight into the causes of  his behaviour and offer him true affection. Yet the battle that Janek must fight with his past leads him back to the gypsy village, and a terrible denouement. This tragic story of self-punishment explores the idea that man and nature, if they are to survive, together and separately, must forever remain in conflict. Flisar's ability to describe Janek’s inner states through juxtaposition with the outer world create a mesmerizing claustrophobia, as the reader is pulled inexorably into the nightmarish world of a man in anguish.   

A Swarm of Dust is widely considered to be one of Flisar’s finest works of fiction, questioning the very notion of objective truth and subverting the norms of Judeo-Christian morality.


"Flisar’s depictions of Janek’s perceptions – his shifting consciousness and his inner state – are mesmerising. The violence of his story is brutal, yes, particularly for a woman reader, perhaps, but this forms part of the inexplicable inner force that arises within Janek. He’s like an idiot savant, seeing through social structures and pretences..."

Morelle Smith, Riveting Reviews (ELN)


Previous Reviews for ‘My Father’s Dreams’ (2015):

"Evald Flisar, Slovene man of letters extraordinaire, undertakes fearless forays into the bizarre ways in which the mind works." 

Eileen Battersby, Irish Times

"Flisar has the rare ability as a writer to move the reader from laughter to disgust within the space of a single page."

A. M. Bakalar, Words without Borders

ISBN: 978-1-908236-38-8