What Does Europe Want? The Union and its Discontents

What Does Europe Want?

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Publication Date: 31st October, 2013
£12.00   ISBN: 9781908236166

with an introduction by Alexis Tsipras

Despite the fact that the European Union faces the biggest crisis since its foundation, on July 1st, 2013, a new state joined the club. For the foreseeable future, Croatia will probably be the last to join; at the same time creating a barrier between the once connected states of the Balkans. Paraphrasing Freud’s famous question - ‘What does a woman want?’ - one of the greatest European philosophers of our day, Slavoj Žižek, joins forces with the young Croatian philosopher, Srećko Horvat, to examine the burning question ‘What does Europe want?’.
Instead of a peace-project, the European Union is increasingly turning into a warzone: whether it be the expulsion of immigrants or riots in Paris and London, or European interventions to bring “more democracy” to Libya or Syria. Instead of leaving Europe to the enemies, Žižek and Horvat reflect on the fight for a different idea of Europe; one that embraces all its peoples equally.

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovene philosopher and cultural critic. He is a senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities and a professor of philosophy and psychoanalysis at the European Graduate School. He writes widely on a diverse range of topics, including political theory, film theory, cultural studies, theology and psychoanalysis. He has written numerous books and regularly contributes articles to The Guardian, The New Left Review and other journals.

Srećko Horvat is a Croatian author, philosopher and translator. He is co-organiser, with Igor Štiks of the Subversive Festival, an annual conference and activist meeting in Zagreb. He is also editor-in-chief of the critical theory dossier Up&Underground and deputy editor of the journal for cultural and social issues Zarez. His latest publication -- entitled Attention! The Enemy is listening! -- is a collection of interviews with Amos Oz, Francis Fukuyama, Gayatri Spivak, Stephane Hessel and Zygmunt Bauman.