My Rivers

My Rivers

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My Rivers is an event in four cycles: The Loire, The Spree, The Drina and the Beyond the River. The book includes different poetic forms, from long narrative poems to free verse/flash fiction. The style is never overly strict in form, as Šehić always wants this poetry to be as clear and understandable as possible. It deals with themes of post-war reality and the culture of rememberance in a wider context, along with the tragedy of the Bosnian war seen through larger conflicts and the greater tragedies of the two world wars. The book seeks catharsis, to the extent to which it is possible in a post-conflict society like Bosnia, along with universal themes of intimacy, love, freedom.

My Rivers was published by the most prestigious Bosnian publisher, BuyBook Sarajevo, in 2014 and received the best book of the year award from the national association of publishers as well as the Risto Ratković Award for the best book in the region. In his review, journalist Vladimira Arsenić, commented:

"My Rivers is a truly great book. And more than that. When a critic recommendes a work that contains such a concentration of pain, sadness, and disappointed he finds himself in a paradxical situation, since he must recommend it despite the nausea and sorrow it will evoke. Nevertheless, I am convinced that this is one of the best poetry books written in our language* . . .Faruk Šehić has hereby confirmed himself to be one of the most important authors of post-Yugoslav literature . . ."