“Susan Curtis’ collection of lyric poems is a stunning achievement. The clarity of her voice and the clarity of her vision spans time: from past, present and into the future, to a space where myth, metaphor and symbol are handled with such depths of feeling and intelligence to allow these are poems to lead us to discovery and revelation. It is the myth-poetic voice, where myth is sacred history that returns us to ourself.”

Michael Harlow, poet and Jungian therapist

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In Axonas/Axis, Curtis gives voice to the experience of trauma and recovery through the poetic language of imagery rather than graphic detail, attempting to convey the fundamental twist in the narrative – perhaps even a breakage – that needs to be mended through a synthesis of mind, heart and body working towards the integration of the whole. The whole self. Using Ancient Greek words/concepts and mythology as a springboard to launch into her own personal etymology – the origin and intimate meaning of words dear to her – juxtaposed against what we commonly expect from that word. Ultimately, these poems attempt to tread on Holy ground, the territory where symbol is created from suffering and metaphor from the muscle of language, the territory of healing and wholeness.

“Axonas/Axis celebrates the art of broken things in daring poetic language which manages to bemythical and modern at the same time. It connects the physical and the spiritual, moving from pain to healing with the hard- earned wisdom of feminine experience. It is a beautiful and courageous collection.”
Vesna Goldsworthy, author of ‘Chernobyl Strawberries’

“… a superb book of poetry, with its transformations of memory into wisdom, so deeply and fruitfully reflective… light drawn from darkness.”                               John Hodgson, translator.