mimosa is a new imprint, set up in these extraordinary times in order to try to meet extraordinary needs: the need to heal and to rediscover the secrets of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. From poetry to natural healing, we wish to highlight the power of thought and imagination to sustain us, and the enduring support of the creative forces both within and without. 

Conceived in New Zealand, our logo features the stars of the Southern Cross - symbol of hope - as well as the healing hand reaching for the Mimosa flower, which represents the joy of life.


Available from mimosa:

For the Good of All

A Handbook for Healing Body, Mind and Soul 

by David Willocks


This is a book for our time - a time where we need a greater understanding of our bodily and emotional needs, as well as of our place in a globalised world where health has become a major issue. Since the beginnings of civilization, humans have relied on and respected the earth and its bounty, understanding that the energy of nature sustains and protects us when we live in balance

This succinct handbook encourages us to become active in our own well-being by bringing together the basics of natural healing and dowsing for health. 

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ISBN: 978-1-912545-83-4

                                                           Price: £11.99