Andrej Nikolaidis

 Andrej Nikolaidis

Novels: The ComingThe Son and Till Kingdom Come

ANDREJ NIKOLAIDIS was born in 1974 to a mixed Montenegrin-Greek family and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia. In 1992, following the breakout of ethnic strife in the country that soon erupted into an all-out war, Nikolaidis’ family moved to Ulcinj, his father’s hometown in Montenegro, where still lives. An ardent supporter of Montenegrin independence, anti-war activist and promoter of human rights, especially minority rights, Nikolaidis initially became known for his political views and public feuds, appearing on local television and in newspapers with his razor-sharp political commentaries. He writes regular columns for the daily newspaper Vijesti, and the weekly news magazine Slobodna Bosna. He is a columnist at Delo (Ljubljana) and E-novine (Belgrade), and has recently written a number of articles for The Guardian

”The three most prominent young Montenegrin writers are Balsa Brkovic, Andrej Nikolaidis and Ognjen Spahic. Last week Mr Nikolaidis and Mr Spahic were in London to talk on various literary panels. Mr Nikolaidis was also speaker at the annual meeting of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and last year he was a winner of the European Union Prize for Literature.’‘ Tim JudahThe Economist

”In the Balkans, few other artists have raised the hackles of so many people as much as author Andrej Nikolaidis. As well as a rising star of central European fiction, Andrej Nikolaidis is seen as a figure who is unafraid of controversy, frequently speaking his mind on deep-rooted issues that can inflame strong sentiment in the Balkan region.” Marcus AgarW!ld Rooster

Selected bibliography: Mimesis (novel); The Son (novel); The Coming (novel); Homo Sucker: The Poetic of Apocalypse (cultural theory)

Since winning the European Prize for Literature 2011, his works have been/ will be published in 12 European countries.