Cecilia Stefanescu

 Cecilia Ștefănescu

Novel: Sun Alley

CECILIA ŞTEFĂNESCU made her debut with the novel Love Sick, which has been published in two editions and published in France by Éditions Phébus in 2006. The novel has also been made into a film, directed by Tudor Giurgiu, which has been shown at the Berlin Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, Chicago, and in more than twenty countries. In 2005, alongside eleven other Romanian writers, she took part in the annual Les Belles Étrangères event, organised by the Centre National du Livre and the French Ministry of Culture, which was dedicated to Romania that year. She has given public readings in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Poland. In 2007, Cecilia was the recipient of a writer’s residency offered by the City Hall of Paris. She has also been published in the group anthology Windows 98 and, along with other Romanian authors, contributed to the experimental book Tescani 40238. She contributes monthly editorials to the Romanian-language edition of Elle magazine and writes for the weekly Romanian-language edition of Le Monde Diplomatique.

Quote from the author:

”I’m the neurotic product of a childhood spent among the ruins of Ceauşescu’s Bucharest and that’s why, vacillating between petty fears and a certain naïve happiness, between the nostalgia … and the horror … I’ve chosen the shortest route, that of fabulation … I’ve become a writer. It’s a job that increases your phobias, glorifies your failures and sets in memorable forms the whole mess of time past.”

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