Goran Vojnovic

 Goran Vojnović

BookYugoslavia, My Fatherland

GORAN VOJNOVIĆ (b. 1980) graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, where he specialised in film and television directing and screenwriting. The film Good Luck Nedim (he co-wrote the script with Marko Šantić) won the Heart of Sarajevo Award and was nominated for the European Film Academy’s Best Short Film Award in 2006. He has directed three short films himself and his first feature film Piran/Pirano premiered in 2010. Vojnović is considered one of the most talented authors of his generation. Film magazines and newspapers regularly publish his articles and columns. His bestselling debut novel Southern Scum Go Home! (2008) reaped all the major literary awards in Slovenia, has been reprinted five times and translated into numerous foreign languages. A collection of his columns from a Slovene daily newspaper and weekly magazine have also been published as a book under the title When Jimmy Choo meets Fidel Castro (2010), which was translated into Serbian. Yugoslavia, My Fatherland was published by Istros in 2015 and The Fig Tree, his recent prize-winning novel, in 2020.

Watch an interivew with Goran on the occassion of the publication of The Fig Tree.