Alma Lazarevska

 Alma Lazarevska

Novel: Death in the Museum of Modern Art 

ALMA LAZAREVSKA is a Bosnian prose writer and graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy (University of Sarajevo). Her home town is mentioned in the title of a collection of her essays, Sarajevo Solitaire. It is also the setting for her novel The Sign of the Rose, which has been translated into French and German. The stimulus for the novel was the murder of Rosa Luxemburg. Her books Death in the Museum of Modern Art (translated into French and German) and Plants are Something Else (the title story has recently been included in an edition of the magazine Wasafiri) deal with siege, and a ‘besieged city’ without naming it. Her story ‘How we Killed the Sailor’, translated by Celia Hawkesworth, was included in an anthology of women writers from East and Central Europe: Voices in the shadows: women and verbal art in Serbia and Bosnia.

Other information:

  • The Shot at Sarajevo – As commemorative events to mark the centenary of the First World War gain momentum, Alma Lazarevska ruminates on the event that triggered hostilities: the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, in her native city for English PEN
  • Blessed be the Day – Alma Lazarevska remembers the siege of Sarajevo obliquely, as the background to a personal loss unconnected to the plight of the city, featured in Eurozine.
  • Spaces Measured with Words: An Interview with Alma Lazarevska in The Mantle